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Ната Дмитрук


How exactly to protect young ones from chicken nugget related sex offences

I’m usually commissioned to provide speeches or even to teach in regards to the ‘risks’ and ‘vulnerabilities’ of children that are sexually exploited and abused. Primarily about the fallacy that children have inherent vulnerabilities or take specific risks that would mean they are sexually abused by someone – otherwise known as ‘victim blaming’ because I oppose this approach and professionals are becoming increasingly curious as to what I can teach them.

Experts in the united kingdom have already been resulted in believe a huge selection of ‘indicators’ increase the likelihood of being sexually exploited and abused, that has generated young ones being placed as both the issue and also the solution in CSE and CSA. Interventions, promotions and programmes of work give attention to changing the little one to ensure they are less‘abusable’ that is…?

Therefore whilst we all have been sitting around tables talking about exactly how we will make 13 yr old Layla less ‘promiscuous’ and ‘take less risks’ – we ignore the fact all the dangers and all sorts of of this risk originates from the intercourse offender, maybe not Layla. Читати далі…