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Ната Дмитрук


And also this included making the home without their permission or refusing him sex.

KUALA LUMPUR: a study by women’s team Sisters In Islam (SIS) implies that conservative values remain common among Muslim women within the national country though there was some progress with regards to demanding better equality.

The study, en titled “Perceptions and Realities: people and Personal Rights of Muslims in Malaysia”, unveiled that 97% of females consented as a “good wife” that they must obey their husbands and that a woman’s obedience defines her.

“This uncompromising responsibility to obey one’s husband has resulted in numerous circumstances where spouses have never taken into account damage or injustices that could be focused on them,” SIS stated.

About 21% associated with 675 participants believed that a spouse can hit their partner, citing the style of “nusyuz”, or refusing to obey a husband’s wants or commands. Читати далі…