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South Australian Ad Equates Youngsters’ Gaming with Future Gambling Problems

Some say this new ‘gaming equals gambling’ ad by the SA government goes too much

Set aside that new Xbox One or PS4 it might just turn you as a gambler that is compulsive. That may not have been the message that the Southern Australian Government was shooting for when they created their latest campaign that is anti-gambling but it’s the one that many gamers from Australia and around the world are taking away from it, especially due to the fact state’s previous stances that were seen as anti-gamer.

Gambling Is No Game

The campaign that is new known as Gambling is not any Game, and based on what the SA national has said in days gone by, it appears to have a fairly well-intentioned meaning behind it. The idea is that children who play games that include gambling elements like slots or poker games may become more likely to take up gambling habits later in life, or even develop gambling issues in their adolescence.

But the last product delivers a message that is slightly different. An image of the poster from the campaign was spread over the Internet this week, showing a girl looking at an iPad while sitting at what appears to be always a poker dining table, filled with chips and cards. Above her there is an ominous message: ‘Gambling begins with games.’

The poster immediately sent gamers around the world into an uproar, as it seems to be connecting gaming in general to problem gambling while t Читати далі…