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Abbas threatens to cut protection ties with Israel and US over Trump comfort plan

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has threatened to cut protection ties with both Israel additionally the United States as he denounced the White home policy for closing the conflict that is israeli-Palestinian.

Donald Trump’s plan would give the Palestinians limited self-rule in elements of the West that is occupied Bank while permitting Israel to annex all its settlements here and keep almost all of eastern Jerusalem.

Mr Abbas addressed a summit of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo on Saturday that has been required because of the Palestinians, whom responded angrily into the proposal that is american.

He utilized his message to inform Israel plus the US that “there would be no relations with them, such as the security ties” following a deal that Palestinians say greatly favours Israel.

There clearly was no comment that is immediate US or Israeli officials.

The Palestinian frontrunner stated he had refused to just just take Mr Trump’s phone calls and communications that he would use that to say he consulted us”“because I know.

He included:“ i will accept this solution never. We shall n’t have it recorded during my history that We have offered Jerusalem.”

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