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Vincent Tabak bad: killer fantasised about ladies being choked during sex

Vincent Tabak did their utmost to persuade a jury he was a timid, naive bachelor whom strangled Joanna Yeates in a minute of panic to prevent her screaming following a clumsy pass.

By Martin Evans, John Bingham and Gordon Rayner

8:09PM BST 28 Oct 2011

He previously only had one gf, he told them, and had been therefore intimately inexperienced which he utilized an on-line dating agency to begin that relationship.

But in truth Tabak ended up being enthusiastic about violent pornography and prostitutes. He fantasised about ladies being choked during intercourse.

Whenever police seized their computer systems they discovered a number of degrading images and sadomasochistic movies with intimately explicit images of a lady bearing a striking resemblance to Miss Yeates. Читати далі…