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Just How Becky G Relaunched Her Music Job — In Spanish

After a “lonely” begin in the music industry as a teenage one-hit wonder, Becky G is riding this new revolution of females in reggaeton as Latin pop gets control YouTube.

It’s likely that you might think of Becky G due to the fact gap-toothed cutie whom sang the infectiously upbeat 2014 song “Shower.” (Or, dependent on your passions, the maybe-queer power that is yellow in last year’s live-action remake.) “Shower” had been the sort of pop music factory creation — written and generated by a hit-making group helmed by Dr. Luke — designed to explode regarding the radio. Along with its chorus that is singsongy about well, performing into the bath, it did in fact catch in, breaking into Billboard’s Top 20 that summer.

The song’s success didn’t instantly carry then–16-year-old Becky G (created Rebbeca Marie Gomez) to stardom along with it. Rather, she became “the woman whom sings ‘Shower,’” as she told BuzzFeed Information in a current meeting. “The biggest concept we took away as a result is the fact that track ended up being larger than me personally; the track, anyone might have sung. It had been a great pop music track that had absolutely nothing of me with it.”

Gomez’s singles that are follow-up “Shower” did not match its success, and she appeared to vanish through the maps. However the Mexican American performer has reemerged within the last couple of several years (at nevertheless simply 21 years old) among the budding queens of Latin metropolitan pop music. Spanish-language trap and reggaeton have carved down a big and presence that is growing the usa pop landscape in the past few years, specially on YouTube. Читати далі…