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Ната Дмитрук


A safer intercourse training is just a behavior that decreases the possibility of getting or distributing a intimately transmitted disease (sti)

1. Abstinence

Abstinence relates to refraining from sexual intercourse. That is a way that is sure-fire eradicate the threat of getting or distributing an STI. Nevertheless, some STIs could be spread through non-penetrative tasks such as for instance deep kissing or human body rubbing. Deep kissing can distribute hepatitis B and human anatomy rubbing can spread vaginal warts and herpes that are genital.

2. Enjoy solamente tasks

If you’re on your own there is absolutely no potential for getting an STI; these infections are spread in one individual to a different by microorganisms. Solo tasks consist of viewing porn, phone intercourse, and solo masturbation. Nonetheless, you can easily distribute contamination you have with other areas of your system. As an example, you transfer the herpes virus to your hands if you have herpes and touch a herpes sore. Читати далі…