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Previous Senate staffer accuses Joe Biden of intimate attack 1

The AP talked to five present or previous Biden staffers on Sunday, most of who struggled to obtain him at the time of the incident that is alleged. None recalled such an event or a written report, and neither Toner nor Kaufman could recall Reade. Both stated exactly exactly what she had described ended up being away from character for Biden.

“She failed to arrive at me. I might have recalled her if she had, and I also don’t remember her at all, ” Kaufman said.

Reade said she filed a written report having a Senate workers workplace. But she didn’t get a copy from it and it has been struggling to get one since because, she states, Biden’s Senate files are during the University of Delaware, which includes perhaps maybe not yet made them general public.

The AP is not able to confirm whether a study ended up being made.

Reade claims after whining to supervisors, her work obligations had been scaled as well as she ended up being fundamentally told through Toner that she had not been a fit that is good the work and encouraged to locate a fresh one. This contradicts her commentary into the nyc days, which reported Reade stated Kaufman informed her she had not been a fit that is good the task. Читати далі…