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Ната Дмитрук


There was certainly no better method to see a culture compared to a event like a marriage, and I also was fortunate enough in order to be involved in two such activities right here in Rabat.

A Moroccan that is traditional marriage three actions, usually spaced away over a period of months. First could be the proposition: the man that is young his family arrived at the home associated with young female’s family members, bearing numerous high priced gift ideas. The families share a supper together with son asks when it comes to young female’s turn in wedding. This might be an possibility when it comes to two families to observe how well they might mix together.

Next comes the engagement, or khutuba, a huge party when it comes to extensive categories of the groom and bride that almost feels as though a rehearsal for the wedding that is actual. We went to the khutuba of my host relative Oumaima in addition to party that is extravagant for 3 days as well as 2 evenings. Due to spiritual customized and tradition, i can not share any images of grownups, which makes us to present just glimpses of this event, through pictures associated with food, the props and costumes, plus the kids.

The night that is first with henna for the bride and all her female loved ones.

Oahu is the 2nd evening that the party really begins, with meals, music, gift suggestions, and everybody else wearing stunning caftans and takshitas.

The groom and bride come and everyone gathers around, cheering and sprinkling rose water on it. There clearly was a chant that goes “aslaaaat wa salaaaaam Allah rasuuulilaaah ilaaa jah ila jah sid na Mohammed Allah m3a jah l3ali! ” (all praising the glory of Jesus together with Prophet) and it is accompanied by a high-pitched, yodeling ululation. Читати далі…