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When you are learning, the national federal government will pay the attention on the student financial obligation.

After your studies

Partial exemption period

The government ceases to pay the interest on your student debt and you assume responsibility for it at the beginning of the month following termination of or withdrawal from your studies.

But, through the 6-month duration straight away following conclusion of or your withdrawal from your own studies, you can easily take advantage of a partial exemption, for example., you don’t have to start repaying your pupil debt). You’re in charge of the attention on the loan, but you could have it capitalized, i.e., converted into principal.

From then on 6-month duration, you must begin repaying your debt (principal and interest) if you have not resumed your studies,.

Important! After that 6-month duration, you must begin repaying the student loan debt contracted during your full-time studies, whether or not you are receiving a loan under the Loans Program for Part-Time Studies if you begin studying on a part-time basis.


The interest price is fixed throughout the partial exemption duration, unless you have actually an understanding because of the Desjardins Group scholar Advisory Centre ahead of the end of the duration. As soon as the mortgage is consol Aide financiere aux etudes. Go directly to the Aide financiere aux etudes (AFE) internet site to uncover what the attention price payable throughout the partial exemption period is.

Paying down the debt

To do this, you need to conclude a payment contract utilizing the Desjardins Group Student Advisory Centre prior to the end associated with partial exemption period. Learn why it is essential to e mail us:

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