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Ната Дмитрук


With all the student loan, it is possible to fund your daily life through the studies and pay attention to the research in the place of working.

Within the aid that is financial pupils

  • First submit an application for research grant, housing state and supplement guarantee for education loan with Kela
  • Wait for choice by Kela
  • Make an application for a learning education loan in eBanking

You won’t require any collateral that is separate while the education loan is fully guaranteed by their state. The re payment of great interest and instalments will not commence until following the studies.

Because of the education loan, you are able to fund the required acquisitions or accumulate a reserve investment to make certain smooth studies.

Education loan is really a low-cost loan. The mortgage is fully guaranteed by the continuing state, meaning that you’ll not require other security or guarantors. At that time once you get school funding for pupils, the attention is included with the administrative centre.

You may be entitled to subsidy from Kela for the loan repayment if you complete your university studies within the target time. Читати далі…