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Ната Дмитрук


Lolita comprehended that some intercourse is transactional

Detail from film poster for Lolita (1962). Picture by Getty

could be the pseudonym of a freelance journalist, sex worker and activist situated in England.

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Detail from film poster for Lolita (1962). Photo by Getty

There was a brief moment in Adrian Lyne’s movie Lolita (1997) this is certainly burned onto my memory. I happened to be most likely around 12, up belated, viewing it on terrestrial television. Lolita and her guardian, enthusiast or captor have now been moving between seedy motels, the intimate looks waning until they wrestle on troubled sheets in a darkened space. The bed is covered with coins. Humbert has found Lolita is stashing away the cash he has got ‘become accustomed’ to paying her, and then he unexpectedly fears this woman is saving it in order to go out of him, something which have not yet happened to him. Читати далі…