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Ната Дмитрук


The issue is rooted when you look at the genetics of contemporary laying hens, which were bred to fulfill the requirements of industrial-scale egg manufacturing.

Meat chickens—broilers—have been souped up to get fat quickly, supplying the juicy cuts that are white-meat customers need. But levels are only the alternative. Since additional weight detracts from egg production, leaner is deemed better, and the ones wild birds take more time to cultivate. Aid businesses can’t justify providing hungry people who have layer-type chicks, which simply simply take a lot longer than broilers to attain weight—and that is full they are doing, are nevertheless slighter of framework.

The White Leghorn, the egg industry’s ubiquitous layer, is really a slim bird with the capacity of producing around 325 eggs per year, nearly one per day—the kind of respected production the industry now demands. A year to put that into context, hens in 1960 laid just 150 eggs.

However the men have zero value—there’s not sufficient flesh on the bones, particularly for People in america raised on sufficient day that is modern breasts. As O’Hayer places it: “They don’t wear any meat after all to talk of—they’re scrawny small things.”

Exactly what about history types, the hens which haven’t been modified by years of intensive individual tinkering? Those hens do exist—they’re often called “dual purpose,” simply because they could be raised for meat or eggs. They’re mostly the domain of little farms and backyard hobbyists. It does not appear that anybody is utilizing purpose that is dual in large-scale egg production. Double function wild birds lay less eggs, about 250 each year regarding the top quality, and O’Hayer states the decrease creates economically unworkable figures. Читати далі…