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Ната Дмитрук


All About ladies, ageing and intercourse: exactly how it changes

You might think it is all downhill following the menopause, however for a lot of have a peek at the hyperlink women quite contrary does work.

You might gain more sexual self-confidence as you age

You likely will gain more confidence that is sexual you age

Your system does not moisturise as well

If you’ve found your self licking your fingertips to show the pages of a novel, it is probably because your human body is not just like it once was at keepin constantly your epidermis moisturised and supple.

If that is the situation, it is not likely of the same quality at creating dampness for intercourse either. “Lubrication could be the body’s way of creating penetrative intercourse easier and much more comfortable,” claims sex specialist Dr Ian Kerner, of “But because of falling oestrogen levels, that dampness is not produced as quickly or effortlessly, possibly ultimately causing dry and uncomfortable sex.”

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