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Jealousy Game. She’s got lots of male buddies, exactly what must I do?

So my gf includes a great deal of male buddies. Whenever her buddies are about her she plays an envy game beside me. We talked about this it is not good for our relationship, but she still acts the same way with her and how. Now, what direction to go sir must I deal I do with it or what can?

That you do not want to be around when she is hanging out with these friends since you already asked her to stop and she has not, the next step would be to inform her. The envy game is achievable that you care enough about her and is looking for more attention from you because she does not feel. Offer her more good attention and see if she stops.

She’s got a guy companion who’s clinging a complete great deal to her?

She’s got a man best friend, who I do not like because he is clinging to her and in addition which our relationship is not going correctly. Personally I think aggravated if she want’s to fulfill him. We become upset. Please assist me personally i believe he is a flirt that is big i will be making myself upset and furious over it. Please help me to, I do not wish to lose her but i will be really tensed about this. Please assistance!

Stop viewing their as your competition. Ask to pay additional time with each of these together to enable you to become familiar with her male friend better. Hanging out using them will even assist you to show that you will be her boyfriend and never him. Clearly, she actually is maybe maybe not interested in him or she is dating him alternatively. Possibly she doesn’t also see their flirtations and therefore might be the man’s character with everyone else.

Tonight what should I say? I do not would you like to seem jealous or insecure?

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